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Back in Business

In theory, school started last Tuesday. I wasn’t even remotely ready to go back. Yes, I had an entire month off, but half of that was spent traveling and I flat out just didn’t get enough time at home to decompress after the craziness that was fall semester. I just needed a few more daysContinue Reading »

An Inch of Snow

Last week, they started forecasting snow for the weekend.  Naturally, no one paid attention to it.  This is Seattle.  In November.  It’s 40 degrees outside.  There’s absolutely no way we’re going to get snow.  Maybe some flurries over the weekend, but nothing that was going to stick or be worth worrying about.  I figured thatContinue Reading »

Snowed In

Having lived in the midwest my entire life, I’m not really used to getting snow days.  I’m used to wishing we had one and praying for snow and then being ultimately disappointed as the plows make it through and clear everything out by the morning rush hour, obligating everyone to head to work or schoolContinue Reading »

Now *This* Is Snow

After listening to all the storm warnings on Tuesday, The Boy and I braced ourselves to be snowed in yesterday.  We stocked up on groceries, we made plans to work from home…. and we spent all day in the house looking outside at a complete and total lack of precipitation.  Heck, it didn’t even getContinue Reading »


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