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Trail Running with a Twist

A couple of weeks ago, the trail running season around here kicked off with the Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival. Despite the fact that I wasn’t really up to running 5 miles (the shortest option) at a time, I signed up for it anyways. Largely because it was 10 minutes from my house. Besides, IContinue Reading »

Stealth Racing: Seafair Sprint Triathlon

While I had a blast volunteering at Ocean Shores, I came back really wishing that I could be out there racing myself.  Still, I knew the knee wasn’t ready for the hard effort I’d put into a road 5k, so I just told myself to shelve that desire for a couple more months.  That workedContinue Reading »

Taking My Own Advice

In the weeks right after my surgery, when I was still incredibly optimistic about my recovery and before I made my No Racing pact with myself, I registered for a couple of races.  Just two of them, and mostly because I came across discount codes and specials that made registration really inexpensive.  At the time,Continue Reading »

Just in Time

This Monday, I had my very last PT appointment.  My knee has been pronounced pretty much healed, and I’ve been released to continue my exercise and run/walk program on my own.  It’s still not quite 100%, but it’s pretty close.  Although that leg is still a bit weaker than the other one, it’s slowly gettingContinue Reading »

The Rebuilding Year

When I first got out of surgery and discovered that I’d gotten away with the “minor” option, I was determined to get back into everything as soon as I could.  Even when my knee made it clear that I wasn’t going to be able to jump back into running as quickly as I thought, IContinue Reading »

The Face of a Genius

Helpful hint of the day: if it’s raining and you’re in a hurry to get into your car?  Keep your face out of the way, or else this could be you: Yup.  Wednesday afternoon, in a rush to get into my car, I whacked myself in the face with the door.  This picture was takenContinue Reading »

Increasing the Awesome

(Title somewhat stolen from Sarah.) In the spirit of, well, increasing the awesome in the universe, here are a few things that have been exceedingly spectacular lately: The knee is adjusting to the running spectacularly, just like my PT said it would.  By Sunday, it wasn’t even getting sore after doing my walk/run on it,Continue Reading »

This Started Out As a Very Different Post

Monday was a stunningly good day.  I’d had a good weekend, spend doing physical activities outdoors.  I got the dirt in the garden and planted my spring seeds!  I rode my fancy new bike outside!  Twice!  Then, when I got to my PT appointment that afternoon, I was asked if I wanted to try runningContinue Reading »

Getting Better

I’m going to be honest with y’all: I am 100% totally over this whole knee thing.  I’m tired of thinking about it.  I’m tired of talking about it.  But most of all, I am tired of not being able to do things. The good news is that things are definitely getting better.  The knee isContinue Reading »

Progress… Finally

A week ago, I was feeling pretty discouraged about my knee.  The swelling was pretty much unchanged, which meant I was still hobbling around to a degree that was noticed by other people.  Both of my physical therapy appointments were… well, they were sort of iffy, as the knee didn’t really want to cooperate withContinue Reading »


USAT Level I Triathlon Coach RRCA Running Coach Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistContinue Reading

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