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I believe that there’s an athlete inside everyone, no matter your age or ability. I’ll help you find your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


Whether your dream is to run a 5k or a marathon, I can get you there. I’ll develop a training plan that works for you and makes sure you’re fully prepared to toe the line on race day.


You’ve got one sport down and are dreaming of adding more. Or maybe you want to stretch yourself and tackle a 70.3 or Iron-distance event. Either way, I’ll help you find the right mix of training and life to reach your goals while having fun.

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To help everyone discover the athlete within

Gestation time: 40 weeks, 3 days Pounds gained: 40ish Hours of labor: 30 Amount of baby produced: 7 pounds, 14 ounces Finally getting to meet the little bugger: priceless... Continue Reading

At the end of August, I got great news from one of the staffing companies I was working with: they had a placement for me! Starting in September! I was overjoyed. It was a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, which meant that I wouldn’t have to be on my feet all day every day. The original assignment was... Continue Reading

My physical therapy licensing exam is tomorrow, which meant my view for the vast majority of the past three weeks has been this: And, really, Bobo’s face here says it all. I’m not much of a studier to begin with, and after three weeks of trying to cram forgotten details into my brain? I’m pretty... Continue Reading

Last week I officially hit the halfway point of this pregnancy, which meant that we got to go in for our mid-pregnancy ultrasound. That was, hands down, the absolute coolest thing ever. Mostly I was just excited for the chance to see what was going on in there since I really had almost no idea.... Continue Reading

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  • USAT Level I Triathlon Coach
  • RRCA Running Coach
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
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